Mahmoud Darwish, Yuri Andrukhovych, Didier Decoin, Vladimir Makanin, Yeghishe Charents, Oskar Loerke, W.O. Mitchell, Hugh Walpole, Inge Müller


De Palestijnse dichter Mahmoud Darwish werd geboren in Al-Birwa, Palestina, op 13 maart 1941. Zie ook alle tags voor Mahmoud Darwish op dit blog.


The Horse Fell Off The Poem

and the Galilean women were wet
with butterflies and dew,
dancing above chrysanthemum

The two absent ones: you and I
you and I are the two absent ones

A pair of white doves
chatting on the branches of a holm oak

No love, but I love ancient
love poems that guard
the sick moon from smoke

I attack and retreat, like the violin in quatrains
I get far from my time when I am near
the topography of place...

There is no margin in modern language left
to celebrate what we love,
because all that will be... was

The horse fell bloodied
with my poem
and I fell bloodied
with the horse's blood...



No Flag Flutters In The Wind

No flag flutters in the wind,
no horse floats in the wind,
no drums accompany the rise and fall of waves…
Nothing happens in tragedies today…
The curtain is drawn, both poets and audience
have left - there are no cedars or processions,
no olive branches to greet those coming in by boat,
weary from nosebleed and the lightness
of the final act, as if passing from one fate
to another, a fate written beyond the text,
a woman of Greece playing the part
of a woman of Troy, as easily white as black,
neither broken nor exalted, and no one asks:
'What will happen in the morning?'
'What comes after this Homeric pause?'
…as if this were a lovely dream
in which prisoners of war are relieved
by fairness of their long, immediate night,
as if they now say:
'We mend our wounds with salt'
'We live near our memory'
'We shall try out an ordinary death'
'We wait for resurrection, here, in its home
in the chapter that comes after the last…'


Mahmoud Darwish (13 maart 1941 - 9 augustus 2008)
Portret door Avi Katz, z.j.

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Yeghishe Charents, Oskar Loerke, Hermine de Graaf, W.O. Mitchell, Hugh Walpole


De Armeense dichter Yeghishe Charents werd geboren op 13 maart 1897 in Kars (toen Rusland, nu Turkije). Zie ook alle tags voor Yeghishe Charents op dit blog.


Requiem Aeternamin Memory of Komitas (Fragment)

Could your holy,
Broken soul ever dream that
You would return one day
To your great fatherland?
That such love and tenderness
Would scent your presence,
And Charents would kiss
Your lifeless lips?

But in your native land,
In its ancient mother-city,
On a new pedesral
And on purple hearts.
Your sacred body,
Embalmed as holy relic,
Has risen loftily,
Soaring like a mountain.

Here is your people,
Bringing its love and affection,
Rocking your fervent hart
mth your ancient songs
A heart, steeped in torment,
That has endured pain with such meekness
See how we sing to your glory now,
See how proud you’ve made us.

With a deep yearning, like a wound,
And a sacred awe,
I bow
To your dulcet bones.
From my heart and soul
Pours the same regret,
O my father, lost in a sleep without return,
That you could not see your son.

It seems as though I’ve seen you
From childhood till death.
As if I’ve wandered
Those deserted roads. 7
Holding your trembling hand,
For bread and water,
I've wandered like a thief,
With my blind beggar of a father.

Thus holding the aged hand
Of my harrowed father
I have begged, disconsolate, for bitter brand
In faraway places.
In the chill courtyards of churches,
Huddling with my sick father,
I have dreamt of our
Faraway home, like dreaming of bread.


Yeghishe Charents (13 maart 1897 – 29 november 1937)
Standbeeld in Yerevan

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