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De Amerikaanse schrijver en essayist Edmund White werd geboren op 13 januari 1940 in Cincinnati. Zie ook alle tags voor Edmund White op dit blog.

Uit: Hotel de Dream

“This little room above the massive front oak door was his study, where now he was wheezing, listless and half-asleep, on the daybed. The whole room smelled of dogs and mud. At one end, under the couch and Stephen's table, there lay a threadbare Persian carpet, pale and silky but discolored on one side with a large tea-stain the shape of Borneo.At the other end of the room it had amused Stephen to throw rushes on the floor as if he were a merry old soul living in crude, medieval splendor. There were reeds and rushes and grass everywhere downstairs, which confused two of the three dogs, Tolstoi and Spongie, into thinking they were outdoors: they weren't always mindful of their best housebroken comportment.
The maid, a superstitious old thing, had placed a small jar of tar under Stephen's bed. Did she think it would absorb the evil spirits, or hold off the ghosts that were supposed to haunt Brede Place?
Yes, Stephen had all the symptoms, what the doctors called the "diathesis," or look of consumption: nearly transparent skin, through which blue veins could be seen ticking, and a haggard face and a cavernous, wheezing chest. His hair was as lank and breakable as old lamp fringe. His voice was hoarse from so much coughing and sometimes he sounded as if he were an owl hooting in the innermost chamber of a deep cave. He complained of a buzzing in the ears and even temporary deafness, which terrified a "socialist" like him, the friendliest man on earth (it was Cora's companion, the blameless but dim Mrs. Ruedy, who had worked up this very special, facetious, meaning of socialist). Cora wondered idly if Mrs. Ruedy was back in America yet—another rat deserting the sinking ship.
Cora glimpsed something bright yellow and pushed back Stephen's shirt—oh! the doctor had painted the right side of his torso with iodine. At least they weren't blistering him. She remembered how one of the "girls" in her house, the Hotel de Dream, in Jacksonville, had had those hot jars applied to her back and bust in order to raise painful blisters, all to no avail. She'd already been a goner.
"Hey, Imogene," Stephen murmured, his pink-lidded eyes fluttering open. He smiled, a faint echo of his usual playfulness. He liked to call her "Imogene Carter," the nom de plume she'd made up for herself when she was a war correspondent in Greece and which she still used for the gossip columns and fashion notes she sent to American newspapers."

Edmund White (Cincinnati, 13 januari 1940)

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Edmund White, Daniel Kehlmann, Jay McInerney, Lorrie Moore, Jan de Bas, Edgardo Cozarinsky, Mohammad- Ali Jamālzādeh, Clark Ashton Smith, Michael Carroll


De Amerikaanse schrijver en essayist Edmund White werd geboren op 13 januari 1940 in Cincinnati. Zie ook alle tags voor Edmund White op dit blog.

Uit:Our Young Man

“Although Guy was thirty-five he was still working as a model, and certain of his more ironic and cultured friends called him, as the dying Proust had been called by Colette, “our young man.” For so many years he’d been actually young; he’d arrived from Paris to New York in the late 1970s when he was in his late twenties but passed as nineteen. He’d been the darling of Fire Island Pines the summers of 1980 and 1981; everyone in the Octagon House was in love with him and he was a good deal more egalitarian and participatory in chores and expenses than he needed to be, splitting the grocery and house cleaning bills down to the last penny, even when he skipped meals or entire weekends.
Everyone adored him, so he could have skimped on his share. He was making $175 an hour as a model for a whole host of beauty products, which was a lot of money in those days; he made more in two hours than his housemate, the young journalist Howard, earned in a week, or Howard’s lover the mustachioed Cuban bartender Martin took in at Uncle Charlie’s in tips on two or three shifts. Even his heavy French accent made him all the more desirable; one of their most besotted housemates, Tom, started taking French lessons but could never master a whole sentence.
Nor was he stinting with his favors. He’d swallow an after- dinner concoction Ted would assemble of acid, tranquilizers, Quaaludes, and the odd yellow jacket. After a strenuous night of dancing at the Sandpiper he’d be found nude at dawn, splayed in the surf with three other amorous beauties or massaging a Croatian fellow model on the deck by the pool as they sipped big shaggy joints of Acapulco gold.
He liked the Pines, since the muscular men there were bankers or lawyers or surgeons and not just gigolos, as comparable studs would have been in Saint-Tropez, lounging around on the decks of moored yachts (or “laying out in the sun,” as these American guys all said, though Guy knew from lycée English class back in France that it should be “lying”; the French, he thought primly, would never have made a similar mistake in their own language).
He was from Clermont-Ferrand, a big, dead, dreary industrial city in the heart of France, lava-black, cold in the winter and suffocatingly hot in the summer, and now he sent home a thousand dollars a month from New York to his pious mother, who arranged the flowers for the altar, and his Communist father, a Michelin factory hand who’d been laid off for twenty years, living on welfare and drinking too much red wine (his first coup de rouge he downed at eleven every morning, an old habit from his working days).”


Edmund White (Cincinnati, 13 januari 1940)

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Michael Carroll


Onafhankelijk van geboortedata

De Amerikaanse schrijver Michael Carroll werd geboren in 1965 en groeide op in een wijk van Fort Caroline (nu Jacksonville), Florida. Hij verliet Jacksonville in de vroege jaren '90 om twee jaar te dienen bij het Peace Corps, eerst in Jemen, toen in de Tsjechische Republiek. Daarna verbleef hij weer een jaar in Jacksonville voordat hij naar Parijs trok om met de schrijver Edmund White, die hij zes maanden eerder op een reis had ontmoet te gaan samen wonen. Een paar jaar later verhuisden ze naar Princeton, New Jersey, daarna naar New York. Nadat ze vanaf 1995 partners waren geweest trouwde het stel in 20013. Carroll debuteerde met de verhalenbundel “Little Reef and Other Stories” in 2014. De bundel werd genomineerd voor de shortlist voor de Lambda Literary Award for Gay Fiction. Zijn korte verhalen zijn ook verschenen in Ontario Review, Boulevard en The New Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories.

Uit: After Memphis (Little Reef and Other Stories)

““My brother Jeff called. I’m not even sure why I answered, seeing on the landline’s display who it was, or at least recognizing the area code and the prefix of the number, though of course I was expecting him to call any day, any week, since I had heard from our mother that he’d broken up with his new girlfriend, after getting cold feet about divorcing his wife Deanne. I had not met the new girlfriend, Terri, now the new ex-girlfriend. Jeff still had a touch of the guilt, I could hear in his voice, but I could also discern a gratifying exasperation with Deanne. She had taken thirty hard years out of Jeff, bankrupted him, and was now daring him to follow through by hiring a second, more aggressive lawyer-whose services he was paying for. To top it off, the case was complicated by the fact that before he could finally be cut loose, my brother first had to settle up with the banks. I didn’t know much else except that he wasn’t expected to pay every cent of debt she’d rung up on the credit cards, just a big chunk of it. No doubt, Deanne’s pride had been hurt, because after all she was the one being left. Oh yes, Jeff said, Deanne was now officially pissed.
“But after the hundred and ten thousand,” he said, “how the fuck could she question it?”
That was new, the f-word. I hadn’t heard that or any other cussing out of Jeff ’5 mouth in thirty years. Of course I sympathized, but I couldn’t let on too strongly, not yet. I’d been highly supportive of their union then the shotgun wedding when we were in high school. But Deanne, really, over time she’d taken the cake. She’d raised and homeschooled three kids, but when you don’t work and your husband’s a firefighter, you really had to rein in the indulgences, and she had been quite indulgent, denying those kids nothing in the way of clothes and gadgets and meals out at Wagon Wheel and TGI Friday’s. I was finishing the cold coffee left in my Grumpy mug from Disneyland Paris and feeling seized upon and getting low on blood sugar as he dived right into all this and told me something none of us had ever known: that he’d always put Deanne in charge of the monthly bill paying. He was still getting to the bottom of how many cards were involved.
“But this,” he said, “I take partial, no, the lion’s share of responsibility for. I was an idiot, so I guess that’s what I get for my willful ignorance. Having to work three jobs to get untangled from responsibilities I take very seriously. I’ll be under the fucking water for a long-ass time.”


Michael Carroll (Fort Caroline, 1965)

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