Joy Ladin


De Amerikaanse dichteres, schrijfster en hoogleraar transgender-wetenschappen Joy Ladin werd geboren in Rochester, New York, op 24 maart 1961. Zie ook alle tags voor Joy Ladin op dit blog.


In the Name of the Father
for my son on his 18th birthday

The son enters his father’s name
like a man entering a cabin
abandoned for years.

Hinges squeak, a spider spins
a sticky shimmer
across the single window.

The man sits, sleeps,
stamps on the floor and shakes the walls, frightens birds,
leaves the bed unmade. Locks the door behind him.

The father changes. The name remains
in the deep woods of becoming.
From time to time, the son returns

to stretch out on the bed
and watch the spider, busy above,
spinning rage into love.



A Little Bit of Ocean

Children squat on a float in the middle of the water.
The half-grown deer disappears

into a stand of juniper and bullrush. We know shells
were once alive, but it's hard to imagine

what stones once lived. Hard to be a creature of earth
in a world covered with water. I'm not worried

about being happy. I wanted to feel:
Mission accomplished.

I wanted to recognize the shadow I cast,
to cast more light than shadow. My daughter and I

reach the buoys that hold the rope afloat. Beneath us,
darkness, pushing up.


Joy Ladin (Rochester, 24 maart 1961)

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Jim Knipfel, Marcel Reich-Ranicki, Sibylle Berg, Carol Shields, Jean Nelissen, Thomas Hardy, Markies De Sade, Joy Ladin


De Amerikaanse schrijver Jim Knipfel werd geboren op 2 juni 1965 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Zie ook alle tags voor Jim Knipfel op dit blog.

Uit: Slackjaw: A Memoir

"There, you see? Can you imagine how they would feel if you killed yourself?"
"So, what, I should go on living solely out of guilt? Guilt overhow they would feel if I were to end it? That's not much to workwith." I chuckled.
"See? You just laughed! If you laugh, that must meansomething. Everything's not completely dark."
"Well, Wagner said," I responded, one more young man whotook his Wagner too seriously, "`Amidst laughter should we faceour doom.'"
"Never mind," I told her, knowing the whole thing was amistake. It wasn't going anywhere, and never would go anywhere."Thanks for taking the time, but I'm suddenly real tired. I'mgoing to bed."
"Are you still thinking about hurting yourself?"
"Well, yeah. But right now I'm just too damn tired." Thesefew minutes on the phone with her had completely sapped whatenergy I had left. She began to say something else, but I hungup. Useless. I lay down on my mattress, still dressed, and fellasleep.
The next morning was brisk and clear outside. Therewere things I was supposed to be doing, but for the life of me, Icouldn't remember what. I put on my hat and coat, left theapartment, and started walking in a direction I'd never gone. I hadstarted wearing a black fedora everywhere when I was sixteenyears old. At the time, I thought it made me look like Bogart. Iwas mistaken. So many of us go through life trying to be Bogartor Cagney, but we mostly end up like Elisha Cook, Jr. I certainlydid. But the hat stayed. It was my most identifiable feature.
I walked for hours, hoping I could exhaust myself and walkthe bad thoughts out of my head. Once my legs started gettingnumb, I turned around and started back home. While I walked,I took inventory, only to discover that there was nothing to count.
When I got home, I opened the door, threw my hat and coaton the mattress, snatched the razors off the desk, took them into the bathroom, and searched in vain for a comfortable spot on the tiled floor. After a few minutes I gave up on that silly notion and set to work on the right wrist."


Jim Knipfel (Green Bay, 2 juni 1965)




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Joy Ladin


Onafhankelijk van geboortdata

De Amerikaanse dichteres, schrijfster en hoogleraar transgender-wetenschappen Joy Ladin werd geboren in Rochester, New York in 1961. Ladin was werd als jongen geboren en heette eerst Jay. Zij behaalde haar Ph.D. van Princeton University in 2000, haar MFA in Creatief Schrijven aan de Universiteit van Massachusetts. Amherst , in 1995 en haar BA van het Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York in 1982. Na haar eerste ambtstermijn in 2006 koos zij voor een geslachtsverandering, omdat zij toen wist dat haar baan veilig was. In 2007 veranderde zij haar voornaam van Jay naar Joy en liet zich scheiden van de moeder van haar kinderen na een huwelijk van meer dan twintig jaar. Na haar coming out stuurde de Yeshiva University haar met verlof. Tijdens haar verlof doceerde zij poëzie aan haar alma mater Sarah Lawrence College. In 2009 publiceerde Ladin de dichtbundel “Transmigration” onder de naam Joy. In 2012 publiceerde ze haar memoires “Through the Door of Life: A Jewish Journey Between Genders.” Ladin was finalist voor de 2009 Lambda Literary Award. Ze werd genomineerd voor de Pushcart Prize voor Poëzie en ontving een American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship.Jay Ladin is de eerste openlijk transgender professor aan een orthodox-joodse instelling. Zij bekleedt de David en Ruth Guttesman leerstoel in het Engels aan het Stern College for Women of Yeshiva University.Zij heeft twee dochters en een zoon.


Loving Him

The lost father smiles down
From the snapshot summer
Where his children can always find him,
A past they try to see as a future
In which he has shed
The terrible skin
No one who loved him
Can bear to call his, least of all his children
Whose universe hangs
On the nail of the man
Dissolving before their eyes
Into a woman
Calling their names
In a voice they could only stand
When they didn’t realize
It was speaking to them
As though in the loss
Of the man they loved
Love were traveling toward them.



Joy Ladin (Rochester, 1961)

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