Níkos Kazantzákis, Jean M. Auel, Audre Lorde, Mór Jókai, Hedwig Courths-Mahler, Alexander Kielland, Wallace Stegner, Leone Battista Alberti


De Griekse dichter en schrijver Níkos Kazantzákis werd geboren in Heraklion op 18 februari 1883. Zie ook alle tags voor Níkos Kazantzákis op dit blog.

Uit: The Odyssey (Vertaald door Kimon Friar)

Snatch prudence from me, God, burst my brows wide, fling far
the trap doors of my mind, let the world breathe awhile.
Ho, workers, peasants, you ant-swarms, carters of grain,
I fling red poppies down, may the world burst in flames!
Maidens, with wild doves fluttering in your soothing breasts,
brave lads, with your black-hilted swords thrust in belts,
no matter how you strive, earth's but a barren tree,
but I, ahoy, with my salt songs shall force the flower!
Fold up your aprons, craftsmen, cast your tools away,
fling off Necessity's firm yoke, for Freedom calls.
Freedom, my lads, is neither wine nor a sweet maid,
not goods stacked in vast cellars, no, nor sons in cradles,
it's but a scornful, lonely song the wind has takenŠ
Come, drink of Lethe's brackish spring to cleanse your minds,
forget your cares, your poisons, your ignoble profits,
and make your hearts as babes, unburdened, pure and light.
O brain, be flowers that nightingales may come to sing!
Old men, howl all you can to bring your white teeth back,
to make your hair crow-black, your youthful wits go wild,
for by our Lady Moon and our Lord Sun, I swear
old age is a false dream and Death but fantasy,
all playthings of the brain and the soul's affectations,
all but a mistral's blast that blows the temples wide;
the dream was lightly dreamt and thus the earth was made;
let's take possession of the earth with song, my lads!
Aye, fellow craftsmen, seize your oars, the Captain comes;
and mothers, give your sweet babes suck to stop their wailing!
Ahoy, cast wretched sorrow out, prick up your ears-
I sing the sufferings and torments of renowned Odysseus!


Níkos Kazantzákis (18 februari 1883 - 26 oktober 1957)

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Níkos Kazantzákis, Jean M. Auel, Mór Jókai, Hedwig Courths-Mahler, Alexander Kielland, Audre Lorde, Wallace Stegner, Leone Battista Alberti


De Griekse dichter en schrijver Níkos Kazantzákis werd geboren in Heraklion op 18 februari 1883. Zie ook alle tags voor Níkos Kazantzákis op dit blog.

Uit: The Odyssey (Vertaald door Kimon Friar)

O Sun, my quick coquetting eye, my red-haired hound,
sniff out all quarries that I love, give them swift chase,
tell me all that you've seen on earth, all that you've heard,
and I shall pass them through my entrails' secret forge
till slowly, with profound caresses, play and laughter,
stones, water, fire, and earth shall be transformed to spirit,
and the mud-winged and heavy soul, freed of its flesh,
shall like a flame serene ascend and fade in sun.

You've eaten and drunk well, my lads, on festive shores,
until the feast within you turned to dance and laughter,
love-bites and idle chatter that dissolved in flesh;
but in myself the meat turned monstrous, thewine rose,
a sea-chant leapt within me, rushed to knock me down,
until I longed to sing this song- make way, my brothers!
Oho, the festival lasts long, the place is small;
make way, let me have air, give me a ring to stretch in,
a place to spread my shinbones, kick up my heels,
so that my giddiness won't wound your wives and children.
As soon as I let my words loose along the shore
to hunt all mankind down, I know they'll choke my throat,
and when my full neck smothers and my pain grows vast
I shall rise up- make way!- to dance on raging shores.


Níkos Kazantzákis (18 februari 1883 - 26 oktober 1957)

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Nick McDonell, Toni Morrison, Bart FM Droog, Huub Beurskens, Elke Erb, Gaston Burssens, Níkos Kazantzákis, Jean M. Auel


De Amerikaanse schrijver Nick McDonell werd geboren op 18 februari 1984 in New York. Zie ook alle tags voor Nick McDonell op dit blog.


Uit: The End of Major Combat Operations



What the cook thinks of the press.

6am, surrounded by Iraqis, sixty-six hundred miles from Birmingham, pouring eggs out of a carton, in trailer next to a mortar crater.

Reporter: “You’re the cook huh? That’s a pretty Good job, I guess. So did you want to be the cook, or how do you get that job?”



Everyone had talismans. The story was such a cliché that I came to think of knowing what the soldiers carried for luck as a kind of reporter talisman. A mental rabbit foot, reassurance that you were not part of the circus, that in fact you were standing outside the tent and not responsible, somehow, for the all misunderstandings. As if, because you were not shooting, you were not as important (and therefore unimportant) as every GI. So, get this, I met a guy who carried a page from a little bible in a pocket on every limb.

More likely to save you than your talisman was your body armor, but lot of guys said that if it was up to them they wouldn’t wear the stuff at all. No one could outrun a ball bearing, but the thinking still was that it slowed you down. It was heavy, uncomfortable. Everyone always did wear it, though, and there were a lot of stories about how well it worked. One was about a sergeant who was walking in line through a palm grove when an insurgent popped up, maybe fifteen feet ahead of him and fired off a burst of rounds square into his chest. The sergeant went down, all the air blown out of him, but the armor stopped the rounds. His friends, not far down the road, were still lining the shooter up when the sergeant took out the insurgent from the ground, where he lay on his back. But as one Corporal pointed out to me as we talked about IEDs: no body armor on your legs.“



Nick McDonell (New York, 18 februari 1984)

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75 Jaar Jean M. Auel, Mór Jókai, Hedwig Courths-Mahler, Alexander Kielland, Audre Lorde, Wallace Stegner


75 Jaar Jean M. Auel

De Amerikaanse schrijfster Jean Marie Auel werd geboren op 18 februari 1936 in Chicago. Zie ook mijn blog van 18 februari 2007 en ook mijn blog van 18 februari 2008 en ook mijn blog van 18 februari 2009 en eveneens mijn blog van 18 februari 2010. Jean M. Auel viert vandaag haar 75e verjaardag. 


Uit: The Land of Painted Caves


The band of travelers walked along the path between theclear sparkling water of Grass River and theblack-streaked whitelimestone cliff, following the trail that paralleled the right bank. They went single fi le around the bend where the stone wall jutted out closerto the water’s edge. Ahead a smaller path split off at an angletowardthe crossing place, where the fl owing water spread out and becameshallower, bubbling around exposed rocks.Before they reached the fork in the trail, a young woman near thefront suddenly stopped, her eyes opening wide as she stood perfectly still, staring ahead. She pointed with her chin, not wanting to move.“Look! Over there!” she said in a hissing whisper of fear. “Lions!”Joharran, the leader, lifted his arm, signaling the band to a halt. Justbeyond the place where the trail diverged, they now saw  pale-tawny cave lions moving around in the grass. The grass was such effectivecamoufl age, however, that they might not have noticed them untilthey were much closer, if ithadn’t been for the sharp eyes of Thefona.The young woman from the Third Cave had exceptionally good vi-sion, and though she was quite young, she was noted for her ability tosee far and well. Her innate talent had been recognized early and they had begun training her when she was a small girl; she was their bestlookout.Near the back of the group, walking in front of three horses, Aylaand Jondalar looked up to see what was causing the delay.“




Jean M. Auel (Chicago,  18 februari 1936)



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