Casanova, Roberto Arlt, H. von Fallersleben, H. C. Andersen, Johann Gleim


De Italiaanse schrijver en avonturier Giacomo Girolamo Casanova werd geboren in Venetië op 2 april 1725. Zie ook alle tags voor Giacomo Casanova op dit blog.


Uit: The Story Of My Life (Vertaald door Stephen Sartarelli)

„Yes, yes I know the title in in French. I’m french that’s why, and also because the original source material is in French and I think that quotes are always better in their native language. But because I am a nice person (those who dislike me would probably beg to differ) and well I am pretty good at translating stuff. So here goes nothing :

“L’homme est fait pour donner, la femme pour recevoir”
“A man is created to give, a women to receive”

Now, what do you all think that means? It had more than one significance, but the most important part is where this excerpt comes from. It is an extract from a book called “The Story of my Life” which, let’s be honest here, doesn’t say much… but if you read it (and you won’t unless you are me because it is actually really long! But in any case, it obviously means more to some people, and less to others.

Obviously it has sexual undertones, but there is another way of looking at this quotation. Are men (or were men?) perceive as the one who was supposed to give himself to the woman ? In other words, was he the one to give everything up ? Sacrifice everything ? Or is it more basic : financial aid ?

In any case, it is far more than just some macho phallic comment. It maybe shows the generous nature a man should be with a woman. Maybe this is archaic in a world where it is now expected for women to pay 50/50, and this in the name of equality. That said, it doesn’t mean that some of our old values are not welcome anymore. Sometimes a stereotypical gesture is welcome. I like it when a guy buys me a drink, or picks me up in his car to take me somewhere. Or even when he takes me home because I’ve drunk too much !“


Giacomo Casanova (2 april 1725 – 4 juni 1798

Heath Ledger als Casanova in de gelijknamige film uit 2005

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Roberto Arlt, H. von Fallersleben, Casanova, H. C. Andersen, Johann Gleim


De Argentijnse schrijver Roberto Godofredo Arltwerd geboren op 2 april 1900 in Buenos Aires. Zie ook mijn blog van 2 april 2009 en ook mijn blog van 2 april 2010.


Uit: Mad Toy (Vertaald door Michele McKay Aynesworth)


„And noticing that I was going off with the book, he would raise his voice in warning:

"Careful, son, it costs money." Then turning once more to his chores, he would drop his head, covered to the ears by a mouse-colored cap, poke around in a box with glue-begrimed fingers, and filling his mouth with nails, continue the toc ... toc ... toc ... toc of his hammering.

In numerous installments, I devoured the tales of Jose Maria, Thunderbolt of Andalucia, or the adventures of Don Jaime Longbeard and other picturesque and plausibly authentic rogues featured in the colored prints: ruddy-faced horsemen with black muttonchops, a rainbow-colored cordovan hat covering their little ponytails, and a wide-mouthed blunderbuss lodged in the saddle of their superbly decked-out colts. Usually they were holding out a yellow sack of money, magnanimously offering it to a widow who would be standing at the foot of a green knoll with a baby in her arms.

Then ... I would dream of being a bandit w  ho strangled lustful magistrates; I would right wrongs, protect widows, and be loved by fair maidens....

My comrade-in-arms for the adventures of this first phase was Enrique Irzubeta.

This ne'er-do-well went by the edifying nickname of the Counterfeiter-a great example for beginners in how to establish a reputation and get a head start in the worthy art of gulling the innocent.

The fact that Enrique was only fourteen when he conned the owner of a candy factory is clear evidence that my friend's destiny had already been decided. But the gods are tricky by nature, and it doesn't surprise me a bit to learn as I write my memoirs that Enrique is now a guest in one of those state-run "hotels" for rogues and upstarts.

This is the true story:

A certain factory owner had announced a contest in order to stimulate sales, with prizes going to those who collected a complete set of flags from inside the candy wrappers.

The difficulty lay in finding the flag of Nicaragua, which was relatively scarce.“





Roberto Arlt (2 april 1900 – 26 juli 1942)

Karikatuur door Andres Cascioli



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