Flann O’Brien, Denis Diderot, Charlotte Link, José Donoso, Ervin Sinko


De Ierse schrijver Flann O’Brien werd geboren op 5 oktober 1911 in Strabane, County Tyrone. Zie ook mijn blog van 5 oktober 2009 en ook mijn blog van 5 oktober 2010 en eveneens alle tags voor Flann O’Brien op dit blog.

Uit: Drink and Time in Dublin

“If you take one now and take another when you get home, you’ll get a very good sleep but don’t take any more till to-morrow night because that stuff’s very dangerous. So I take one. But I know the doctor doesn’t know how bad I am. I didn’t tell him the whole story, no damn fear. So out with me to the jax where I take another one. Then back for a drink, still as wide-awake as a lark. You’ll have to go home now, the doctor says, we can’t have you passing out here, that stuff acts very quickly. Well, I have one more drink and off with me, in a bus, mind you, to the flat. I’m very surprised on the bus to find meself so wide-awake, looking out at people and reading the signs on shops. Then I begin to get afraid that the stuff is too weak and that I’ll be lying awake for the rest of the evening and all night. To hell with it, I say to meself, we’ll chance two more and let that be the end of it. Down went two more in the bus. I get there and into the flat. I’m still wide-awake and nothing will do me only one more pill for luck. I get into bed. I don’t remember putting the head on the pillow. I wouldn’t go out quicker if you hit me over the head with a crow-bar.
—You probably took a dangerous over-dose.
—Next thing I know I’m awake. It’s dark.
I sit up. There’s matches there and I strike one. I look at the watch. The watch is stopped. I get up and look at the clock. Of course the clock is stopped, hasn’t been wound for days. I don’t know what time it is. I’m a bit upset about this. I turn on the wireless. It takes about a year to heat up and would you believe me I try a dozen stations all over the place and not one of them is telling what the time is. Of course I knew there was no point in trying American stations. I’m very disappointed because I sort of expected a voice to say “It is now seven thirty p.m.” or whatever the time was.”


Flann O’Brien (5 oktober 1911 – 1 april 1966)

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Roberto Juarroz, Václav Havel, Stig Dagerman, Flann O’Brien


De Argentijnse dichter, essayist en literatuurwetenschapper Roberto Juarroz werd geboren in Coronel Dorrego op 5 oktober 1925. Zie ook mijn blog van 5 oktober 2009 en ook mijn blog van 5 oktober 2010 en eveneens alle tags voor Roberto Juarroz op dit blog.



Interior deserts


Interior deserts,

vague litanies for someone who died

leaving all the doors open.

A gray cloak over another cloak of no color.

Excessive densities.

Even the wind casts a shadow.

Mockery of the landscape.

Nothing left to call to

but a flat dark sun

or an endless rain.

Or wipe out the landscape

with the wind and its shadow.

And there is one further resort:

drive the desert mad

until it turns into water

and drinks itself.

It it better to madden the desert

than to live there.





Crack of imminence in the heart


Crack of imminence in the heart,

while the foot of hope

dances its blue dance,

in love with its own shadow.

There is an expectant hymn

that cannot begin

as long as the dance has not finished

its cultivation of time.

It is a hymn backward,

and inverted imminence,

the last thread to tie the fountain

before its flow carries it away.

There are songs that sing,

there are others that are silent,

the deepest of all go backward

from the first letter.




Vertaald door W.S. Merwin





Roberto Juarroz (5 oktober 1925 – 31 maart 1995)

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Flann O’Brien, Charlotte Link, José Donoso, Václav Havel, Roberto Juarroz, Stig Dagerman, Ervin Sinko, Denis Diderot


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Flann O’Brien, Charlotte Link, José Donoso, Václav Havel


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Roberto Juarroz, Stig Dagerman, Ervin Sinko, Denis Diderot