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De Amerikaanse schrijver en uitgever August William Derleth werd geboren op 24 februari 1909 in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Zie ook alle tags voor August Derleth op dit blog.

Uit: The Shuttered Room

“At dusk, the wild, lonely country guarding the approaches to the village of Dunwich in north central Massachusetts seems more desolate and forbidding than it ever does by day. Twilight lends the barren fields and domed hills a strangeness that sets them apart from the country around that area; it brings to every-thing a kind of sentient, watchful animosity—to the ancient trees, to the brier-bordered stone walls pressing close upon the dusty road, to the low marshes with their myriads of fireflies and their incessantly calling whippoorwills vying with the muttering of frogs and the shrill songs of toads, to the sinuous windings of the upper reaches of the Miskatonic flowing among the dark hills seaward, all of which seem to close in upon the traveller as if intent upon holding him fast, be-yond all escape. On his way to Dunwich, Abner Whateley felt all this again, as once in childhood he had felt it and run screaming in terror to beg his mother to take him away from Dunwich and Grandfather Luther Whateley. So many years ago! He had lost count of them. It was cu-rious that the country should affect him so, pushing through all the years he had lived since then—the years at the Sorbonne, in Cairo, in London—pushing through all the learning he had assimilated since those early visits to grim old Grandfather Whateley in his ancient house attached to the mill along the Miskatonic, the country of his childhood, coming back now out of the mists of time as were it but yesterday that he had visited his kinfolk. They were all gone now—Mother, Grandfather Whateley, Aunt Sarey, whom he had never seen but only knew to be living some-where in that old house—the loathsome cousin Wilbur and his terri-ble twin brother few had ever known before his frightful death on top of Sentinel Hill.”


August Derleth (24 februari 1909 – 4 juli 1971)

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