James Alan McPherson, Hans Arp, Andreas Neumeister, Anna Bosboom - Toussaint, Frans Eemil Sillanpää


De Amerikaanse schrijver James Alan McPherson werd geboren op 16 september 1943 in Savannah, Georgia. Zie ook mijn blog van 16 september 2010 en eveneens alle tags voor James Alan McPherson op dit blog.

Uit:A Region Not Home: Reflections from Exile

“I recall that in 1960, for example, something called the National Defense Student Loan Program went into effect, and I found out that by my agreeing to repay a loan plus some little interest, the federal government would back my enrollment in a small Negro college in Georgia. When I was a freshman at that college, disagreement over a seniority clause between the Hotel & Restaurant Employes and Bartenders Union and the Great Northern Railway Co., in St. Paul, Minn., caused management to begin recruiting temporary summer help. Before I was 19 I was encouraged to move from a segregated Negro college in the South and through that very beautiful part of the country that lies between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest. That year -- 1962 -- the World's Fair was in Seattle, and it was a magnificently diverse panorama for a young man to see. Almost every nation on earth was represented in some way, and at the center of the fair was the Space Needle. The theme of the United States exhibit, as I recall, was drawn from Whitman's "Leaves of Grass": "Conquering, holding, daring, venturing as we go the unknown ways."
When I returned to the South, in the midst of all the civil rights activity, I saw a poster advertising a creativewriting contest sponsored by Reader's Digest and the United Negro College Fund. The first story I wrote was lost; but the second, written in 1965, was awarded first prize by Edward Weeks and his staff at The Atlantic Monthly. That same year I was offered the opportunity to enter Harvard Law School. During my second year at law school, a third-year man named Dave Marston (who was in a contest with Attorney General Griffin Bell [last] year) offered me, through a very conservative white fellow student from Texas, the opportunity to take over his old job as a janitor in one of the apartment buildings in Cambridge. There I had the solitude, and the encouragement, to begin writing seriously. Offering my services in that building was probably the best contract I ever made.
I HAVE NOT recalled all the above to sing my own praises or to evoke the black American version of the Horatio Alger myth. I have recited these facts as a way of indicating the haphazard nature of events during that 10-year period. I am the product of a contractual process. To put it simply, the 1960s were a crazy time. Opportunities seemed to materialize out of thin air; and if you were lucky, if you were in the right place at the right time, certain contractual benefits just naturally accrued. You were assured of a certain status; you could become a doctor, a lawyer, a dentist, an accountant, an engineer. Achieving these things was easy, if you applied yourself.”


James Alan McPherson (Savannah, 16 september 1943)

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Justin Haythe, Andreas Neumeister, Anna Bosboom - Toussaint, Frans Eemil Sillanpää


De Amerikaanse schrijver Justin Haythe werd geboren op 16 september 1973 in Londen. Zie ook mijn blog van 16 september 2008 en ook mijn blog van 16 september 2010


Uit: The Honeymoon


„After lunch we waited at the table for him to finish packing. We could hear him banging closets and drawers until he reappeared wearing a hat. We followed him into the hallway and waited for the elevator. He stood amongst his luggage; my mother and I amongst ours. 'Be careful of the Arab children in the park,' he told me. He turned to Maureen. 'Petits voleurs,' he explained. She smiled although she did not understand. She would look it up as soon as he had gone. He picked up his cases and stepped into the elevator. She blew him a kiss. 'Bon voyage!' she called.

When he was gone, the reflection of Maureen and me looked back from the mirrored elevator doors. I wore a white canvas hat and a pair of favourite copper corduroys. Maureen had yet to remove her pink silk jacket.

'Don't listen to him,' she said. 'He's trying to impress you.

Only men need to impress children. You don't need to be any more careful with one person than another.'

She began her inspection of the apartment the way she entered a gallery: as if she had money to spend. She passed from room to room with increasing excitement. When she found one more impressive than another, she called out for me to come and have a look. There was a pink study with a fireplace and a pair of French doors looking out onto the street; a small toilet off the hallway containing a gold-painted sink; and the kitchen with three Thai-wicker umbrellas bound to form a single lampshade. She could not stand still and almost as soon as I entered a room, she left it. She was like a child receiving a gift long obsessed over - slightly panicked by a world in which dreams are realized.

Marcel had inherited his money. The apartment was large for a bachelor living alone, with both a guest room and maid's quarters. It was substantially larger than our place in New York, and had a view of the park across the street and, in the evenings, of the patches of setting sun reflected from the windows onto the tops of the trees. Marcel directed documentary films, usually about the Amazon. Several years later, Maureen took me to see one when it was playing in New York.“



Justin Haythe (Londen, 16 september 1973)


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Breyten Breytenbach, Hans Arp, Frans Eemil Sillanpää, Anna Bosboom - Toussaint

De Zuid-Afrikaanse schrijver en dichter Breyten Breytenbach werd geboren op 16 september 1936 in Bonnievale. Zie ook mijn blog van 16 september 2006.



Allerliefste, ek stuur vir jou 'n rooiborsduif


Allerliefste, ek stuur vir jou 'n rooiborsduif
want niemand sal 'n boodskap wat rooi is skiet nie.
Ek gooi my rooiborsduif hoof in die lug en ek
weet al die jagters sal dink dis die son.
Kyk, my duif kom op en my duif gaan onder
en waar hy vlieg daar skitter oseane
en bome word groen
en hy kleur my boodskap so bruin op jou vel

Want my liefde reis met jou mee,
my liefde moet soos 'n engel by jou bly,
soos vlerke, wit soos 'n engel.
Jy moet van my liefde bly weet
soos van die vlerke waarmee jy nie kan vlieg nie




Wat uit de mond komt


wat uit de mond komt
zijn alleen maar woorden
vleermuizen botsend tegen het niets -
de gedachtengang van een grot

naakt zal ik uit het duister treden
en dan blind de zon omhelzen
de gedachtensprong een schot -
zo draait een mens de wond uit zicht

Vertaald door Laurens Vancrevel





Breyten Breytenbach (Bonnievale, 16 september 1936)




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De Frans-Zwitserse kunstenaar, dichter en schrijver Hans (Jean) Arp werd geboren op 16 september 1886 in Straatsburg.


De Finse schrijver en Nobelprijswinnaar Frans Eemil Sillanpää werd geboren in Hämeenkyrö op 16 september 1888.

De Nederlandse schrijfster Anna Bosboom - Toussaint werd geboren op 16 september 1912 te Alkmaar.