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De Engelse schrijver en dierenarts James Herriot (pseudoniem van James Alfred Wight) werd geboren op 3 oktober 1916 in Sunderland. Dat is vandaag precies 100 jaar geleden. Zie ook alle tags voor James Herriot op dit blog en ook mijn blog van 3 oktober 2010

Uit: All Things Wise and Wonderful

‘She won’t go anywhere without Emmeline,’ the lady explained.
‘The doll.’ She held up the rubber toy. ‘Since this trouble started Lucy has become devoted to her.’
‘I see. And what trouble is that?’
‘Well, it’s been going on for about two weeks now. She’s so listless and strange, and she hardly eats anything.’
I reached behind me to the trolley for the thermometer. ‘Right, we’ll have a look at her. There’s something wrong when a dog won’t eat.’
The temperature was normal. I went over her chest thoroughly with my stethoscope without finding any unusual sounds. The heart thudded steadily in my ears. Careful palpation of the abdomen revealed nothing out of the way.


Christopher Timothy (James) en Robert Hardy (Siegfried) in de tv-serie "All Creatures Great And Small" (1978 – 1990)


The lady stroked Lucy’s curly poll and the little animal looked up at her with sorrowful liquid eyes. ‘I’m getting really worried about her. She doesn’t want to go walks. In fact we can’t even entice her from the house without Emmeline.’
‘I say she won’t take a step outside unless we squeak Emmeline at her, and then they both go out together. Even then she just trails along like an old dog, and she’s only three after all. You know how lively she is norrnally.’
I nodded. I did know. This little poodle was a bundle of energy. I had seen her racing around the fields down by the river, jumping to enormous heights as she chased a ball. She must be suffering from something pretty severe, but so far I was baffled.

And I wished the lady wouldn’t keep on about Emmeline and the squeaking. I shot a side glance at David. I had been holding forth to him, telling him how ours was a scientific profession and that he would have to be really hot at physics, chemistry and biology to gain entrance to a veterinary school, and it didn’t fit in with all this."


James Herriot (3 oktober 1916 - 23 februari 1995)

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