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De Britse dichteres van humoristische poëzie Pam Ayres werd geboren op 14 maart 1947 in Stanford in the Vale in Berkshire (tegenwoordig Oxfordshire). Zie ook alle tags voor Pam Ayres op dit blog.


Tippy Tappy Feet

The days are slowly passing since I found her still and prone,
Since I took her to the surgery and came back on my own,
Now, as my key turns in the lock, the sound I miss the most of all,
Are the tippy tappy toenails as they skidded down the hall.

There was something in the welcome; there was something in her style,
In the jingle of her collar and ecstatic doggy smile,
The tail that wagged so furious, the eyes that shone so bright,
It’s the silence. It’s the silence. It is blacker than the night.

And if I’d had a rotten day, if I was tired and spent,
If I had found indifference in every place I went,
Always at my journey’s end, when I was flat and lonely,
That little dog convinced me I was someone’s one and only.

Her things are still around me, I have left them all alone,
A little greasy collar, a yellow rubber bone,
A hairy tartan blanket in her basket on the floor,
From which she sprang to terrify all knockers at the door.

How grievous is the emptiness on entering the hall,
How disproportionate; so great a loss for one so small,
For the music it is missing, and my home is incomplete,
The music of her tippy tappy doggy dancing feet.


Pam Ayres (Stanford in the Vale, 14 maart 1947)

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