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De Noorse schrijver Johan Harstad werd geboren op 10 februari 1979 in Stavanger. Zie ook alle tags voor Johan Harstad op dit blog.

Uit:Buzz Aldrin, what happened to you in all the confusion? (Vertaald door Deborah Dawkin & Erik Skuggevik)

It is a Tuesday. There can be no doubt. I see it in the light, the traffic outside the windows will continue to stream all day, slowly, disinterestedly, people driving back and forth from habit, rather than necessity. Tuesday. The week’s most superfluous day. A day that almost nobody notices amongst all the other days. I read somewhere, I don’t remember where, that statistics showed there were 34% fewer appointments made on an average Tuesday than on any other day. On a worldwide basis. That’s how it is. On the other hand a considerably greater number of funerals are held on Tuesdays than during the rest of the week. They sort of bunch up, you never get on top of it.”

I had a friend.
And had this not been so, I would never have ended up with a large sum of money in my inside pocket, and been almost run over, I would never have rescued a person from the sea or been thrown out of various bars. I would not have come centimetres from jumping eleven hundred metres down from a mountain, I would never have tried building a boat, and last, but not least, I might never have disappeared.
But I had a friend.
Jørn played in a band.
And I’d said yes. It was some weeks ago now. He’d asked me one evening, as we sat in his flat in Storhaug. Jørn and Roar were going over with his band, Perkleiva, at the end of July, together with another Norwegian band, The Kulta Beats from Trondheim, they were going to play at some festival over there, on the Faeroe Isles, a gig they’d been offered through the Stavanger Council, so far as I understood. Stavanger and Tórshavn were twinned towns, and Stavanger wanted to do its bit for the Faeroese National Day, Olsok. Some Danish band, whose name I never remember, were invited too, as well as all the Faeroese artists. That was what I’d been told. More or less. And that I was going with them in the guise of being their soundman. Although it was probably just Jørn’s way of trying to drag me along, drag me out, show me that it could be good doing concerts, playing in a band, he’d never totally abandoned the idea of us two playing together, of me singing. He really wanted me to sing. But I’d kept my mouth shut. Officially, for the organisers, the reason for my coming was Claus. Claus was Perkleiva’s producer, but he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby, it could arrive any minute, so he’d cancelled, understandably, more preoccupied with ultrasound than the sound of guitars. And I was, well yes, I needed a holiday, and sure, I’d always enjoyed travelling, and no, I had no other plans.”


Johan Harstad (Stavanger, 10 februari 1979)
Cover Noorse uitgave

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Giuseppe Ungaretti, Fleur Adcock, Joseph Kessel, Charles Lamb, Margarete Hannsmann, Eugène Rellum, Daniel Triller, Thomas Platter de oudere


De Italiaanse dichter en schrijver Giuseppe Ungaretti werd geboren op 10 februari 1888 in Alexandrië, Egypte. Zie ook alle tags voor Giuseppee Ungaretti op dit blog.


Versa, February 18, 1917

I feel the fever
of this
burst of light

I pluck this
day like
a fruit that ripens

my regret
will be like
a howl
in the desert



Oh night

The trees unshrouded
By the embrace of dawn's elan.

Painful wakings.
Leaves, sister leaves,
I hear your plaint.

Dying pleasures.

0 youth,
Barely gone's the hour of parting.

Youth's soaring heights,
Unfettered rush.

And I'm already barren.

Lost in this enfolding melancholy.

But night dispels all distances.

Oceans of silence,
Celestial nests of illusions,

0 night.


Vertaald door Diego Bastianutti


Giuseppe Ungaretti (10 februari 1888 – 2 juni 1970)
Tijdens WO I

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