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De Catalaanse schrijver Juan Marsé werd geboren op 8 januari 1933 in Barcelona. Zie ook alle tags voor Juan Marsé op mijn blog.

Uit:The Calligraphy of Dreams (Vertaald door Nick Caistor)

“She takes a few stumbling steps up the street, comes to a halt. She turns as if searching for support, and then, closing her eyes and crossing her arms over her chest, she kneels down, slowly folding her body into itself as if this offered her some relief or respite, and lies on her back on the tram tracks embedded into what remains of the old cobbled surface. Her neighbours and the few weary passers-by toiling along the upper end of the street at this time of day can scarcely believe their eyes. What can have got into this woman? Stretched out full length (not that this is saying much, in her case) her chubby knees, tanned from the Barceloneta beach, peeking out of her half-open housecoat, her feet in their satin slippers with grubby pompoms pressed tightly together: what the devil is she up to? Can it really be she intends to end her life under the wheels of a tram? "Victoria!" yells a woman from the pavement. "What are you doing, poor thing?" There's no response. Not even the blink of an eye. A small group of curious onlookers quickly gathers round the prone figure, most of them fearing they are the butt of some cruel hoax. An elderly man goes over and prods the woman's ample hip several times with the tip of his cane, as if unsure she is alive. "Hey you, what nonsense is this?" he mutters, poking her. "What on earth do you think you're doing?" Making tongues wag, as always, more than one of her woman neigh-bours must have been thinking: what wouldn't that slut do to get her man's attention? A blonde forty-something with flashing blue eyes, sociable by nature and very popular in the neighbourhood, the plump Sefiora Mir, who had been a Registered Nurse trained in the Falange College and now worked as a therapist and professional kinesiologist (as stated on her business cards) has forever given rise to gossip thanks to her daring hands, which give massages and soothe a variety of pains. Her ambiguous talents have encouraged many an amorous adventure, especially since her husband, a bullying, loud-mouthed former local councillor, has been shut away in the San Andres sanatorium since the end of the previous year. In the Rosales bar, Senora Mir's manual dexterity has always provoked mocking delight, if not cruel sarcasm, and yet to see her now, flat on her back in the middle of the street in a parody of suicide — or perhaps actually meaning it, led to this extremity by some mental disturbance, and looking so firm and resolute in her decision — to see her lying there in the stream, with her round, pale-complexioned face edged with curls and her bewildered lips smeared as ever with lipstick, was beyond their wildest dreams. She appeared so sure of her imminent, ghastly demise beneath the wheel that was coming to slice off her head that it was hard to credit that such determination, such a desperate urge could be based on a complete miscalculation.”


Juan Marsé (Barcelona, 8 januari 1933)

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