The Shepherds (William Drummond)


Aan alle bezoekers en mede-bloggers een Prettig Kerstfeest!


Die Verkündigung an die Hirten door Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich, 1758



The Shepherds

O than the fairest day, thrice fairer night!
    Night to blest days in which a sun doth rise
Of which that golden eye which clears the skies
Is but a sparkling ray, a shadow-light!

And blessed ye, in silly pastors' sight,
    Mild creatures, in whose warm crib now lies
That heaven-sent youngling, holy-maid-born wight,
    Midst, end, beginning of our prophecies!

Blest cottage that hath flowers in winter spread,
    Though withered - blessed grass that hath the grace
    To deck and be a carpet to that place!

Thus sang, unto the sounds of oaten reed,
    Before the Babe, the shepherds bowed on knees;
    And springs ran nectar, honey dropped from trees.



William Drummond (13 december 1585 - 4 december 1649)
Hawthornden Castle, waar William Drummond werd geboren.



Zie voor de schrijvers van de 24e december ook mijn vorige twee blogs van vandaag.

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