Easter Communion (Gerard Manley Hopkins)


Aan alle bezoekers en mede-bloggers een Vrolijk Pasen! 


De opstanding van Christus door Angolo Bronzino, 1548-1552



Easter Communion

Pure fasted faces draw unto this feast:
God comes all sweetness to your Lenten lips.
You striped in secret with breath-taking whips,
Those crooked rough-scored chequers may be pieced
To crosses meant for Jesu's; you whom the East
With draught of thin and pursuant cold so nips
Breathe Easter now; you serged fellowships,
You vigil-keepers with low flames decreased,

God shall o'er-brim the measures you have spent
With oil of gladness, for sackcloth and frieze
And the ever-fretting shirt of punishment
Give myrrhy-threaded golden folds of ease.
Your scarce-sheathed bones are weary of being bent:
Lo, God shall strengthen all the feeble knees.



Gerard Manley Hopkins (28 juli 1844 – 8 juni 1889)
Stratford, St John's Church. Hopkins werd geboren in Stratford.



Zie voor de schrijvers van de 5e april ook mijn vorige blog van vandaag.

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