Saint John Baptist (William Drummond)


Bij de derde zondag van de Advent


Johannes de Doper door Rafaël, ca.1518



Saint John Baptist

The last and greatest Herald of Heaven’s King 
Girt with rough skins, hies to the deserts wild, 
Among that savage brood the woods forth bring, 
Which he more harmless found than man, and mild. 
His food was locusts, and what there doth spring,        
With honey that from virgin hives distill’d; 
Parch’d body, hollow eyes, some uncouth thing 
Made him appear, long since from earth exiled. 
There burst he forth: All ye whose hopes rely 
On God, with me amidst these deserts mourn,        
Repent, repent, and from old errors turn! 
—Who listen’d to his voice, obey’d his cry? 
Only the echoes, which he made relent, 
Rung from their flinty caves, Repent! Repent!



William Drummond (13 december 1585 - 4 december 1649)
Hawthornden Castle, waar William Drummond werd geboren.



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